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Finding Inmates in the U.S.

According to the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2008 there were 2,304,115 prisoners incarcerated in U.S. prisons and jails. In addition, there are hundreds of people going to jail on a daily basis, making their way through the system. Due to the amount of traffic that US prisons and jails see each year, officials in the department of corrections have made it possible for the general public to search inmate records. But before embarking on an inmate search, it's important to understand the terminology as well as the required procedures for obtaining inmate records.

What are Inmate Records?

Researchers that need information about an individual located within the inmate population are able to get a complete record of the case. A slew of information can be derived from this one simple file. For example, an inmate record will display the inmates mug shot and personal information (name, date of birth, weight). You will also be able to review any aliases and detailed descriptions of tattoos. The file will also display the name of the facility that the inmate is housed in, the date of incarceration and their intended release date.

Prison inmate records and jail inmate records vary slightly. These records can be obtained by directly contacting the correctional facility or through a public online search. Most researchers decide to use an online public records because it is much easier to retrieve the information.

An added benefit is that these services pull information from numerous databases across the entire country, giving the researcher as much detailed information about their subject as possible.

What Is The Difference Between Jail Inmate Records and Prison Inmate Records?

Jail inmate records

For one, inmates in a county jail are housed for shorter terms than prison inmates. These convicts are either charged with a misdemeanor (a crime that holds a punishment of less than a year in jail) or are awaiting transportation to a state or federal prison. The jail inmate records will give you detailed information about each prisoner. Since jails operate work release programs, half way houses, weekend home visits and boot camps you will be able to see if the inmate was or is involved in any of these activities within the jail inmate records. You can usually review the inmate's past criminal history from this document depending upon the correctional facility that they are housed in.

Prison inmate records

Criminals who have been sent to prison are guilty of Felonies. These are charges that carry a prison sentence over a year. Prison inmate records generally more lengthy primarily because the cases are more involved and many are repeat offenders. Prison inmate records show a complete incarceration history (both prison and jail) and they also show the different authorities that have detained the individual. The prison inmate records will also include a parole eligibility notice if the inmate will be eligible for parole in the future. The best part about a prison inmate record is that it will also show you the case number of every single incarceration event on a particular individual. This is priceless if you are seeking a full background check on an individual.

How To Locate Inmates In A Correctional Facility

You can locate an inmate by using a few methods. You must first determine whether the inmate is in state prison or county jail. If the inmate is located in the county jail, you may be able to go to the county sheriff's website and pull limited information from there. However, at this time, most county sheriff's offices do not have their records available online, and if they do they are usually very limited. In most cases you will be required to contact the facility's booking department by telephone and request information.

However, if the inmate is located in a state prison, you can try to take advantage of the resources available through the Federal Bureau of Prisons. However, inmates do not always show up with this search engine and the information available is very limited. The more concise information is limited to law enforcement, correctional facilities, and a few online services.

If the Federal Bureau of Prisons does not offer the information that you are seeking, and you have a ton of free time, you can try to contact the prison directly. You must first determine the inmate number attached to the individual that you are seeking. This number can be used when speaking with officials at the prison. After that, it's really a matter of getting in touch with an employee at the prison who is willing to be helpful. Unfortunately, prison and jail staff are notorious for being very vague and very brief. If you are lucky, they will inform you of your subject's whereabouts and then you can begin researching court records for further information. The alternative method is to make use of a public inmate search through an online service like CriminalsCheck.com.

Online Inmate Search

Making use of a public inmate search is a far easier method than playing detective. You can save countless hours (oftentimes days) of stress and research by using an online service that will allow you to search hundreds of databases nationwide. By using this resource you can simply enter the limited information that you have and the system will return the results for you in a nice report. Even better is the fact that you are not limited to just the inmate records. Online services like CriminalsCheck.Com have access to databases that will give you a complete “dossier” on any individual that you are researching.

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