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Court Records – Effective Criminal Records Research Tool

The number of inmates in the Unites States Federal and state prisons and county jails is escalating annually at a rapid rate. Court Records are excellent documents to research individuals who are at present, or have been in the past, incarcerated for the commission of a crime.

These prisoner statistics translate into this – for every 100,000 residents in the U.S., 509 are sentenced prisoners. Do you know some of these prisoners or fear their return to society upon their release from prison?

Perhaps, you testified against one of them in a trial, or were victimized sometime in the past by a currently incarcerated prisoner. Court records contain information that will be extremely helpful to you.

Court Records – History of the Perpetration of a Crime/Perpetrator

Court Records reveal the following information about a crime and the perpetrator:

  • The name of the individual
  • The date of birth and last known address of the individual
  • Prior criminal history of the individual
  • Day, date and location of the offense
  • Name of Arresting Officer and Statement of Arrest
  • Conviction Records, including type and classification of felony/misdemeanor conviction
  • Any additional crimes committed while incarcerated, or violations obtained from parole records and probation records
  • Anticipated date of release for those still incarcerated
  • Release date from prison, and present status of former inmate

Those individuals who commit crimes punishable by less than one year in confinement are held in county jails, whether they are awaiting trial or have been sentenced. Court Records will contain this information, as well as data regarding the original arrest. Court Records are an excellent resource for people seeking criminal background searches and other information that is critical to their well-being and safety.

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