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What Is An Arrest?

An arrest is the act of being taken into police custody and being stripped of your personal freedoms. Normally, the arrested party member is handcuffed and informed of the crime that they are being arrested for. After searching for weapons or contraband, the officer that made the arrest will normally transport the suspect to the local jail for processing. You have the right to ask the officer why you are being arrested, and you also have the right to remain completely silent throughout the entire process. This is a right afforded to you in the Miranda Rights.

What are Miranda Rights?

The arresting officer is required to read the “Miranda Rights” which will fully explain this in detail. In simplified form, if you are arrested, you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney and you also have the right to an appointed attorney if you are unable to afford counsel. These rights, granted by a Supreme Court decision allows you to avoid incriminating yourself, and not speak until you have spoken to an attorney even if you can not afford one.

What is The Difference Between Being Detained and Being Arrested?

When the police detain someone, it is merely for questioning and only for a short period. This could be if a police officer suspects a crime has been committed or is about to be committed but does not have any evidence to make an arrest. The police officer has the right to handcuff a detained individual if he believes that they could pose a threat to them. In both instances you have the right to remain silent. Keep in mind that the police are not required to read the Miranda Rights to someone that is merely detained. However, you still retain the same rights. In most states, you are required to give your name and address. Many states also require that you provide proper identification as well. When a person is detained, this is not recorded in the database. When a person is arrested, it is available for the public to review along with all of the details surrounding the case.

What Happens After The Arrest – Jail Processing Procedures

The suspect will arrive at a secure area of the jail and patted down for weapons a second time. The next step is a long wait in a “holding cell”. This is usually a small cage with several “new arrests” crammed in to await processing. Photographs (a mug shot), fingerprints and personal information will be recorded at this time. The suspect will also speak with a jail nurse who will make sure that will check and record any current medical conditions. All of this information will be placed in the suspect's arrest report.

What Is An Arrest Record

As soon as an arrest is made, a file is created with the suspect and held within the police department's records. This file lists all of the details surrounding the case, starting with the police officer's initial findings at the time of arrest and any statements that the suspect made. The arrest records will contain the mug shot, which is a photo ID of the suspect, as well as personal information. The arrest report is created and filed even if charges are dropped or the suspect is found innocent in the future. However, a suspect found innocent may file the paperwork to have an arrest file expunged after several years.

In addition, the arrest record grows as the case progresses. It will give complete details of any court appearances, verdicts, and even prison sentences. The arrest record, commonly referred to as an `arrest inquiry` is an important report that can give you extensive information about an individual. The arrest record can often be reviewed by researching the public records, but will require a researcher to gather the information from various locations. Private arrest records services usually provide a more complete representation of the entire case. This is because these services compile the data from many different databases (local police records, county jail records, state databases, federal databases).

Different Types Of Arrest Records

A suspect can be arrested for either a Misdemeanor or a Felony depending upon the severity of the crime that they are charged with. The type of arrest will affect how you track down the records since a felony conviction will result in state or federal prison and misdemeanor criminals are sentenced to the county jail.

Misdemeanor Records

A misdemeanor crime is any crime that may carry a punishment that does not exceed one year in the county jail. The sentencing may include a hefty fine, but the sentence is not to be served in a federal or state prison. An arrest report for misdemeanor records will be held partially at the local police department and partially at the county clerks office. The problem with this is that you would need to contact every city in order to do a valid background check on someone. This information can also be retrieved by using an online arrest record search that will compile the information into one easy to read file.

DUI Records

A regular DUI (Driving Under The Influence) will be found under the misdemeanor records. An arrest inquiry of this type will show all of the pertinent information for any prior DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while intoxicated), OWI (operating while intoxicated) . The record will show if the suspect cooperated and submitted themselves for Breathalyzer testing. It will also reveal the alcohol level of the suspect at the time of arrest. A DUI record is the most difficult type of arrest to have expunged. In fact, it is not possible at all to expunge a Driving Under The Influence charge. In most states, a habitual offender (one who is arrested numerous times for driving under the influence) is then charged with a felony. For this reason, it's important to research all databases when doing a arrest record search.

Felony Records

A felony conviction is any crime that will result in a prison sentence in either state or federal prison. The sentencing for a felony is for over one year and may include hefty fines as well. Felony records are usually available at the state level. If you are aware of where the crime occurred, then a portion of the information can be derived from reviewing the documents at the county clerk of courts, but the information is usually limited to the initial arrest and sentencing. This information can also be retrieved by using an online arrest record search that will compile the information into one easy to read file.

Where Can I Find Arrest Records?

Arrest records can be obtained by first contacting your local sheriff's department. While procedures vary by county, they will normally charge a nominal fee to handle an arrest inquiry and print out an arrest report. Keep in mind that this will only show the arrests made within that city, so it may be lacking vital information. State and Federal criminal records are always stored in separate locations, so you will need to contact several law agencies in order to get a full report. You can also contact the Federal Bureau of Investigations for a more thorough arrest record on an individual.

Another option is to make use of a reputable online criminal records database like CriminalsCheck.com. This service will let you run a complete and thorough search of all databases, local police records, state and federal resources - to receive a complete profile. In the case of a background check, this will allow you to see the arrest history of criminals that have moved from another state and neglected to mention this to you.

Why Would I Need To Check An Arrest Record Anyway?

Employers often use a private service that provides them with information from all of the criminal databases when deciding upon a new employee. It is also common for individuals to check an arrest inquiry on themselves to make sure that they have not become a victim of identity theft. Many job seekers do an arrest record search on themselves to be aware of what their potential employer may find when they do their background check. It's always best to stay informed, as it gives you the power to be proactive.

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